Lower Farm Academy is committed to the principle of equal opportunities for all. We operate an inclusive curriculum, which respects the diverse needs of every child. We value all our pupils and recognise the positive contribution each child can make in enriching and enhancing the ethos of our academy and wider community.

Lower Farm Equality Statement,

Lower Farm Accessibility Policy & Plan


At Lower Farm, we recognise that some pupils require different levels of support in order to achieve well. Some pupils will have Special Educational Needs or Disabilities (SEND) and may require help throughout their time in school, while others may need extra support for a short period of time to help them overcome more temporary needs. If these pupils are to achieve their full potential, we must recognise this and plan accordingly. Our school aims to provide all pupils with strategies for dealing with their needs in a supportive environment, and to give them meaningful access to the National Curriculum. In particular, we aim to:


  • enable every pupil to experience success;
  • promote individual confidence and a positive attitude;
  • ensure that all pupils, whatever their special educational needs, receive appropriate educational provision through a broad and balanced curriculum that is relevant and differentiated, and that demonstrates coherence and progression in learning;
  • ensure that all pupils with a special education need or disability make progress which is at least in line with the national expectation;
  • give pupils with SEND equal opportunities to take part in all aspects of the school’s provision, as far as is appropriate;
  • ensure that children with SEND have opportunities to receive and make known information, to express an opinion, and have that opinion taken into account in any matters affecting; them;
  • identify, assess, record and regularly review pupils’ progress and needs;
  • involve parents/carers in planning and supporting at all stages of their children’s development;
  • work collaboratively with parents, other professionals and support services; and ensure that the responsibility held by all staff and governors for SEND is implemented and maintained.

Please see our SEND policy below for further details or contact our SENCo Andy How ([email protected]) for more information.

Lower Farm SEND Policy

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