Our SENDco

Our SENDco at Lower Farm Academy is Mrs Dale.

If you need to contact her please contact the school office – 02475 267760 or via email [email protected] – and they will arrange a time for Mrs Dale to contact you.


We are very proud of our SEND provision at Lower Farm Academy. We offer bespoke and tailored support to those children that need it, understanding that children grow and learn at different paces and may need varying levels of support throughout their time with us. We focus on equity when ensuring that we provide the tools for all children to achieve their full potential.



Children may need extra support, sometimes in the classroom with the teacher or teaching assistant or maybe through more personalised intervention. If further support is needed then a range of outside agencies may be involved. These might include the School Nurse, Speech and Language Therapist, Specialist Teachers, Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists or an Educational Psychologist.

The 5-A-Day Principle

The use of the Education Endowment Foundations 5-A-Day principles to improve SEND outcomes across all classes, with all children, ensures that children are offered a consistent approach to their learning with integration and inclusion at the heart of all teaching decisions.


Further information on the 5-a-day principle is available via the EEF website: https://d2tic4wvo1iusb.cloudfront.net/eef-guidance-reports/send/Five-a-day-poster_1.1.pdf?v=1643188181






If you have a concern

If you have a concern about your child the first person to speak with is your child’s class teacher. They are the person who knows your child best and will be able to discuss your concerns with you. You can speak with them at the end of the school day or by contacting the office, using the above information, who will organise a suitable time for you to meet with the class teacher.

September 2022 Documents

Lower Farm SEND Policy

Special Educational Needs And Disabilities Information Report 2022-2023

Intimate Care Policy (Jul 2020)

SEND Local Offer: https://www.warwickshire.gov.uk/send