Application process:

Warwickshire County Council are responsible for our admissions. There will be 60 statutory places available for children across two Reception classes. Details of the Admissions Policy are available can be found below and any further information can be found on the Warwickshire County Council website.

Lower Farm Admissions policy 2022-23 

Lower Farm Admissions policy 2023-24

In accordance with the Authority’s policy, priority is given to those children who live in the local area where ease of access is measured by the shortest walking route. 

To apply please visit Warwickshire County Council’s admissions website:

 The deadline for online applications can also be found on the above link. If you need further information on the admissions process, please contact [email protected] or call 

01926 414143 – option 2. There is also the following guide: School place – parent guide.

School visits:

Choosing a school is a very personal affair which needs considerable time and thought to ensure you reach the right decision. The atmosphere, environment and activities have to be right for you and your child. Only you will know when a school feels right for you and your family. 

We therefore welcome parent/carer visits to Lower Farm Academy so we can show you what we can offer. If you would like to organise a visit to the school, please contact the school office on: 02475 267760.

 We look forward to meeting you soon.