Spiritual, Moral, Social & Cultural (SMSC)

Lower Farm Academy is located in an area which is culturally diverse and we are proud to promote and celebrate our different cultures, beliefs and faiths. Our pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is embedded across our curriculum, ensuring our pupils’ personal development helps them to thrive in a supportive and highly cohesive learning community.

Pupils’ spiritual development is shown by their curiosity and respect for the beliefs, faiths and values of their friends, their community and the wider world around them. Lower Farm’s religious makeup provides rich and varied opportunities for learning and reflection. Experiences include school visits by community leaders as well as high quality religious education. From role play areas to classroom museums, our pupils are fascinated by the world and approach learning about themselves and others with great enthusiasm. Pupils experience other places and ways of life through Spanish language and cultural lessons, trips and residential visits.

Pupils’ moral development is shown by their understanding of our school values. We use Class Dojo to inspire our children and school community to strive to be the best version of themselves and celebrate with parents/carers and immediate family. ‘Dojos’ are awarded for displaying our school values of achievement, care, collaboration, integrity, respect and resilience. Assemblies are also focussed on our school values and are often centred around topical news/events and focus on morals and the messages found, reinforcing the importance of good behaviours and attitudes. Pupils regularly investigate and offer reasoned views about moral and ethical issues during circle time/PSHE lessons and throughout our curriculum. A home/school agreement is signed by children, parents and school to ensure we are all working together to uphold our responsibilities.

Pupils’ social development is encouraged across all aspects of school life. Learning about real world issues increases pupils’ engagement and desire to take an active role in it. Pupils have completed fund raising for a wide range of causes relevant to them including the Azaylia Foundation, Macmillan, Children in Need, Sport Relief, Comic Relief and other local community charities and events. Pupils host in- school events such as coffee mornings for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and a Grandparents Day. Our Pupil Parliament helps pupils by demonstrating British values such as democracy, rule of law and individual liberty. All pupils are involved through pupil voice and pupil leadership roles across the school.

Pupils’ cultural development is enhanced through the careful consideration of the curriculum we offer and by specialist teachers, staff and volunteers who champion creativity and participation in sport. Pupils have performed on stage, hosted their own art exhibitions, performed their own music concerts, hosted cultural events and represented their class, school and beyond in a variety of different sporting events. In doing so, pupils learn to appreciate a wide range of cultural influences, history and values.