Pupil Safety

Childline: 0800 1111

At Lower Farm, we want you, our pupils, to be safe at all times and not just when you are at school. We want you to understand the early warning signs which tell you something might not be safe. You need to identify and trust your feelings:

  • I feel like there are butterflies in your tummy
  • My palms are sweaty
  • My knees are wobbly
  • My mouth feels dry
  • My heart is beating really fast

If you feel unsure or that something isn’t right, please talk to one of your trusted/safe adults.

Trusted/Safe Adults

Try and think of five adults you can go to if you have a problem. Everyone should have a list. They could be your Mum and Dad, your teacher or even an adult that works in another class. They need to be people you trust who are good listeners and will follow things up (that means they remember what you said and will act to try and make things better quickly).

Staying Safe Online 

Talk to your parents and carers about what you do and see online. Hopefully your parents will have settings and controls that stop you seeing anything unsafe just like we do at school. If you do see or hear anything unsafe, you must report it to a safe adult straight away. Never share your personal information with anyone online.

Remember that everything you do, see or hear online can be remembered by computers, even after it is deleted. This is called your digital footprint. What you do, say or hear online should be respectful at all times.

For further information about ways to stay safe online, you could look at the following websites:

Thinkuknow: 5 to 7 year olds

Thinkuknow: 8 to 10 year olds

Thinkuknow: 11 to 13 year olds

The Underwear Rule: PRIVATES are PRIVATE 

Your underwear covers your private parts and no one should tease you about them. No-one should ask to see or touch them either. Sometimes a Doctor, Nurse or family member might have to. They should always explain why and ask you if it is ok first.

What If I Need To Talk To Someone?

Childline is a freecall number where you can speak to a counsellor to get advice on getting through tough times or any problems or concerns you may have. You can also email. To find out more about contacting Childline, click here.

Phone: 0800 1111