We use a number of Apps within school for various different items. Please see a list below of what apps we use and what they are for.

See Saw

We use the See Saw App as a means of communication with parents and carers. It is a two-way communication to send quick messages/reminders between home and school. Children’s work will also be shared through this app.

See Saw Information Guide For Families

Arbor App

Arbor is used to send emails and is the school’s MIS system. Parents can also check on their child’s attendance, book parents evenings and inform school if any contact details are incorrect. Please see below parental guidance for the App.

The Arbor App Usage Guide For Guardians Version 3


We use ParentPay for all payment related items such as trips, booking wraparound care and lunches. From Reception to Year 2 inc children are entitled to a Universal Free School Meals.